These five stars should be atop the golden harps played by the angels in the kitchen at Mima. This food is heavenly. Cloud 9 was awaiting in Every. Single. Bite. Holy Flavor. Are. You. Kidding. Me?!? I'm sure glad the restaurant music volume was turned up; my food-enjoyment moans likely sounded inappropriate... but Jesus, Mary and Joseph, it was a religious experience. A fantastic culinary adventure through the barrios of Cuba. First, mojitos - regular and passion fruit. Both were fresh, minty, and delightful. Then, an appetizer of pork tacos with a taro (malanga) shell. Bite-sized tongue joy. Our entrees were Ropa Vieja en Lata and Lechon Asada. The Ropa Vieja is served in a can as a nostalgic nod to a time of meat shortages, where canned meat was shipped to Cuba from Russia. The meal is cooked to perfection, immediately packed into a can, then opened and steaming, table-side. The Lechon was flavorful, tender, and plentiful. It's not often my hubby is unable to clean his plate, but it happened here. Each plate has enough food to easily feed 2-3 people. The finishing touch was a delectable tres leches cake, topped with toasted homemade marshmallow. There are four take-away boxes in my fridge now, and I swear I can still hear the faint song of the angels' love that went into that food. Unbelievably epic cuisine. Thanks to Doricari for the fantastic service!